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What is the CLYMBOL project about?

Sophie Hieke EUFIC 2013 1Dr Sophie Hieke, Principal Coordinator of CLYMBOL, explains the background and objectives of the project, presents the consortium and stakeholders involved, and discusses the relevance of the project for decision-makers and consumers.

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kgrunertProf Dr Klaus G. Grunert, the Scientific Advisor to this project, talks about the scientific background of CLYMBOL, summarising what is currently known about the role of health claims and symbols in consumer behaviour. He further discusses the project relevance from a research perspective.

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Preliminary findings of the CLYMBOL project!

Igor PravstDr Igor Pravst, leader of the first work area in the CLYMBOL project, presents the research conducted so far and shares some preliminary results about the history of use and the current prevalence of health claims and symbols on the European market.

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New findings of the CLYMBOL project!

Ellen van KleefDr Ellen van Kleef is an associate professor at the Marketing and Consumer Behaviour group at Wageningen University. She researches how to help people eat healthily and self-regulate what they eat. She has been responsible for the consumption studies in the CLYMBOL project. She talks about how food packaging influences our perception of a food and our satiety expectations. 

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Erica van Herpen modErica van Herpen is an associate professor at Wageningen University. She researches the influence of e.g. store layout, social influence in the store, but also effects of on-shelf presentation or packaging of products, and how these factors affect people’s choices. Here, she reveals how images on a package and health goals affect people’s choice of food products.

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Judit SimonIldiko KemenyJudit Simon is a professor at the Corvinus University of Budapest, the Director of the Institute of Marketing and Media, and she is responsible for the Clymbol project in Hungary. Ildikó Kemény is an assistant professor from Corvinus University. They talk about the effect of visual elements on a package and how it can attract attention to a food product carrying a heath claim.

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