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The project says Goodbye

Ck XdSlWgAAR EcThe CLYMBOL stakeholder conference in Brussels on June 15 2016 has been a great success! More than 120 stakeholders from the European food sector attended, making it an informative and interesting day with many opportunities for exchange and networking. We received great input through the live voting system which has helped prioritise CLYMBOL’s policy implications and recommendations. This newsletter presents a first glimpse into the workshop’s results, as well as a summary of the conference’s expert panel with representatives of the European Commission, FoodDrinkEurope, BEUC and food law.

Did you miss the conference?

You missed the conference but are interested in CLYMBOL results? We uploaded webinars of all results presentations onto our website.

Improving motivation and interest in healthy eating most important, finds stakeholder survey

IMG 0319In a live vote where conference attendees voted on 22 questions, the most relevant factor across all stakeholders present was to focus on ways to improve people’s motivation and interest in healthy eating. The majority of the participants also agreed that people need to have accurate information about new or less familiar nutrients and consumer awareness of existing health claims and symbols should be increased. To communicate the importance of healthy eating, finding innovative ways to communicate was voted as another top priority. However, most voters agreed that all communication has to remain simple and clear, avoiding scientific wording. CLYMBOL showed that consumers do not interpret health claims and symbols the way experts do, therefore, most stakeholders agreed that health claims and symbols have to be clearly explained: what they mean and how they are used.

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Reflections on health claims and symbols and the results of CLYMBOL

Ck zmk9W0AAkSfOIn the context of the project’s final conference, four experts from different backgrounds reflected on CLYMBOL’s results, giving their own opinions and evaluations of the current status on health claims. The panel included Olga Goulaki from the European Commission's Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety (DG SANTE), Pauline Castres from The European Consumer Organisation (BEUC), Dirk Jacobs from FoodDrinkEurope and Rosalind Malcolm, Professor of Law from the University of Surrey. The discussion was led by Klaus G. Grunert, Professor of Marketing at Aarhus University and the scientific advisor for CLYMBOL.

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New publications

CLYMBOL researchers have published two articles in Agro FOOD Industry Hi Tech’s special focus issue on health claims. We were further invited to write the editorial to this issue! The magazine is available in print and online, and all articles can be accessed for free, after registration.

Are the products carrying health claims healthier than those who do not? CLYMBOL researchers compared food products with and without claims to find out! The results are now published Open Access in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition: "The nutritional quality of foods carrying health-related claims in Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, Slovenia and the United Kingdom".

One of our up-coming publications: "Country Differences in the History of Use of Health Claims and Symbols"  will be published in the European Journal of Nutrition & Food Safety Journal.

A list of all our publications can be found here, which will be updated regularly.

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