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Researcher portrait: Klaus Grunert

klaus grunert revisedKlaus Grunert is Professor of Marketing at Aarhus University and is the scientific advisor for CLYMBOL. He leads the research on the Methodological Toolbox, testing several methods for measuring consumer understanding of health claims.


How did you get involved in the CLYMBOL project?

I have been working together with EUFIC for many years, and I was also involved in the FLABEL project, which was a predecessor of CLYMBOL.


What do you do for the project?

I am the scientific advisor for the project, and I am also leading work package 3, dealing with measuring the effect of health claims and symbols on consumers.


What is the outcome of your research?

We have tested several methods for measuring consumer understanding of health claims, and for measuring the effect on consumer purchasing and consumption. Based on this, we have formulated recommendations for which methods to use under which circumstances. We realize that academic researchers often have other needs than food producers and regulatory agencies, who may want to use such measures for routine checks.


What impact do you hope your research will have?

I hope that the debate about health claims and symbols in the future will be based on actual data about consumer reactions instead of personal opinions.


About the person 

Klaus G. Grunert is Professor of Marketing at Aarhus University, and is the founder and director of the MAPP Research Centre. He has done extensive research in the area of consumer behaviour, mostly with regard to food, and in making consumer insight useful in areas like new product development, market communication and public policy campaigns aimed at healthy eating or other socially desirable behaviours. As director of MAPP, he has carried out more than 80 collaboration projects with the food industry and has published a dozen books and numerous academic papers.


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