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Prestigious award for CLYMBOL research

June 25 2020 - Food Policy Prize 2019 

The Royal Academy of Medicine in Belgium (Koninklijke Academie voor Geneeskunde van België) has awarded CLYMBOL researcher Dr Christine Yung Hung from Ghent University with the prestigious Food Policy Prize 2019!

Christine's PhD dissertation is titled 'Consumer-Driven Development of Policy Actions to Improve Food Choice: The Cases of Health Claim Regulation and Product Reformulation' and includes important research findings from CLYMBOL. It answers core questions concerning the health claims regulation: do consumers use health claims in their food choice and if so, under which conditions? What role is there for policy makers?

All of Christine's PhD contributions have been published in renown scientific journals and have been showcased on this website.

The entire team at CLYMBOL is very proud of Christine's achievement and congratulates her wholeheartedly.