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Improving motivation and interest in healthy eating most important, finds stakeholder survey

IMG 0319In a live vote where conference attendees voted on 22 questions, the most relevant factor across all stakeholders present was to focus on ways to improve people’s motivation and interest in healthy eating. The majority of the participants also agreed that people need to have accurate information about new or less familiar nutrients and consumer awareness of existing health claims and symbols should be increased. To communicate the importance of healthy eating, finding innovative ways to communicate was voted as another top priority. However, most voters agreed that all communication has to remain simple and clear, avoiding scientific wording. CLYMBOL showed that consumers do not interpret health claims and symbols the way experts do, therefore, most stakeholders agreed that health claims and symbols have to be clearly explained: what they mean and how they are used.

All conference participants voted on how relevant certain topics are to their organisation and whether they think these topics are feasible in practice. Interestingly, in most cases, relevance to one’s organisation and feasibility in practice were similar among the stakeholder groups.




Government  7.62% 8
Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO)  10.48%  11
 Legal-Advisor  6.67%  7
Food Industry (Producer/Retailer) 26.67% 28
Association of Food Industry 11.43% 12
Consumer Organisation 2.86% 3
Media 0.95% 1
Academia/Research Institute 28.57% 30
Health Professional 4.76% 5
Total 100% 105

Table 1. The division and number of stakeholders taking part in the vote.


The stakeholders’ feedback is used to prioritise the policy implications and recommendations based on findings from CLYMBOL. These findings are used to support consumers in making informed and healthy food choices and also to promote industry competitiveness, taking into account individual and country differences within the EU. Another goal was to avoid misunderstanding and unwanted effects on consumer behaviour.


Figure 1. Voting on relevance of “Focus on ways to improve motivation such as creating information needs and increasing the interest in healthy eating.”



 Figure 2. Voting on feasibility of “Focus on ways to improve motivation such as creating information needs and increasing the interest in healthy eating.”


For a more detailed analysis of the voting you can read the report here and share with us your comments or feedback https://ghentagriecon.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_0cAjdKgEw1UF5pX.


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